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Michael Brewer is a recognized award winning songwriter.

His most recent international credits include his original song and recording,  "Feeling I Get", featured in the Golden Globe and Oscar winning movie "Lost In Translation". This film stars Bill Murray and is produced and directed by Sophia Coppola.

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Michael Moppert ... CEO of Bidule, Switzerland


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Volume 16 is an outstanding collection of soft mood music. Richly orchestrated, these selections are excellent for Film, Documentaries, Weddings, Outdoor Settings and Underwater Videos.

$69.95 per CD.  Discounts available when purchasing more than 1 CD throughout volumes A/B thru 25.  Available in CD audio, Waves or Mp3 direct to disc.

All Demos fade in and out and include voice over tags in various sections. Your purchased cd disc does not include the voice overs or fadeouts.

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 Southern Morning - #1601
 Track 1

A beautifully orchestrated piece with Southern charm, featuring piano, oboe and strings. Playful and bittersweet. Wonderful film/documentary opener.  DEMOS
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 Back Home - #1602
 Track 2

A warm acoustic-electric guitar theme with hand percussion and strings. Gently rolling, slight Spanish feel, great for natural settings. Serene.  DEMOS
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 Starlight - #1603
 Track 3

This lovely theme is quiet and dreamy, then moves to a gently rhythmic feel. Features synth flutes, bells, and fretless bass. Excellent for underwater video.  DEMOS
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 Dedication - #1604
 Track 4

A quietly dramatic and exotic piece featuring harp, viola, cellos and flutes. Great for documentaries, travelogues, scenes of perseverance and accomplishment.  DEMOS
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 Cat's Cradle - #1605
 Track 5

This waltz is playful, yet quietly dramatic and uplifting. Synth, piano and strings are featured.  DEMOS
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 Kickin' Back - #1606
 Track 6

Easy listening pop theme. Features acoustic- electric guitar lead and light percussion. Excellent for any positive, uplifting scene  DEMOS
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 Antique Shop - #1607
 Track 7

A delightful waltz featuring bowed double bass, violas, harp and glockenspiel. Great for scenes from antique shops, attics, family photo albums. Sweetly nostalgic  DEMOS
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 Acoustic Dream - #1608
 Track 8

Moody acoustic guitar duet. Mysterious, with a slight jazz feel. Great for natural, ocean, and underwater settings, and other thoughtful scenes.  DEMOS
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 Just For You - #1609
 Track 9

Acoustic guitar, oboe, light percussion and strings are featured in this romantic piece with a light Pop feel. Great for romantic scenes, travel videos.  DEMOS
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 Country Life - #1610
 Track 10

This easy listening theme features electric, acoustic and bass guitars, with hand percussion. Sweet and relaxing, great for country scenes, picnics, outdoor fun.  DEMOS
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 Riverside - #1611
 Track 11

This bittersweet theme opens in a classical style with piano, flugel horn, cello and flute, then moves to a gently rolling and majestic feel. Quietly dramatic.  DEMOS
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 Himalaya - #1612
 Track 12

This exotic theme evokes the mystery of Asian mountains. Beautiful and powerful, featuring gamelon, synth choir and drums.  DEMOS
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  This entire volume with :30 and :60 segues are included on this disc, a total of 36 tracks

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